Who influences international human rights jurisprudence, and how?

Join Us on May 17, 2017 for a one-day workshop called “Legal Mobilization and International Courts”, where we will share knowledge on who drives the development of international human rights courts’ case law, and how – including judges, lawyers, NGOs, and donor organizations that provide funding to train and support litigation programs.

As regional international human rights courts have an increasing influence over state policy and our lives, understanding who drives human rights jurisprudence, or who influences how judges make their decisions, becomes crucial.

Studies increasingly find that human rights activists — whether NGOs or individual lawyers — play crucial roles in forwarding cases to international human rights tribunals, persuading tribunal judges of the soundness of the claims, and implementing the final judgments domestically.

Our workshop brings together leading scholars on the topic and practitioners in the field to examine this pressing and timely question in the evolution of human rights jurisprudence.