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Our 2019 Workshop

In early October 2019, ActInCourts (Activists in International Courts) network members will meet at iCourts, at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. This workshop offers the opportunity to share knowledge among our partner institutions to identify and gather desirable data to supplement existing sources such as Cichowski’s, Kahraman’s and Haddad and Sundstrom’s databases. The Copenhagen networking workshop also aims to deepen the three themes of the Partnership Development Grant project (i. impact and authority of international courts, ii. external drivers of legal mobilization: repression and funding identifying, iii. mobilizing human rights strategies), by further identifying elements of an emerging theoretical framework to capture the shared patterns observed across our individual research findings.

2019 ActInCourts Workshop Report

Our 2018 Workshop

On November 16, 2018, our emerging network of scholars and human rights NGO practitioners met at University of British Columbia for a one-day workshop on activists in international courts, to discuss research themes that connect us, and to identify research topics that would be valuable to
the practitioners and scholars alike. We identified themes and gaps in existing research, possible additional scholars and collaborators to invite into the network, and some next steps when moving forward. Below is a summarized overview of the discussion topics covered at our workshop meeting.

2018 ActInCourts Workshop Report

The 2018 workshop was scheduled closely with two other closely related UBC workshops, as part of a UBC President’s Research Excellence Cluster on Global Challenges to Democracy. A video highlighting these workshops is below.

Our 2017 Workshop

On May 17, 2017 at the University of British Columbia: “Legal Mobilization and International Courts: NGO and Lawyer Activism in Regional Human Rights Courts”. Our workshop was held at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, at the University of British Columbia, in tandem with a workshop, “Challenges of Global Rights and Democracy”. This workshop brought together international scholars specialized in “legal mobilization”, from the fields of law, sociology and political science. At our one-day workshop, we explored the contours of case law that is produced at regional human rights courts.

Participants invited to attend both workshops included leading scholars on human rights, women’s rights, Indigenous rights, and democracy, as well as practitioners from relevant NGOs (such as the Russian Justice Initiative, which is one of the NGOs sending case applications most frequently to the ECtHR, especially on violence against women and grave atrocities that occurred during the conflicts in Chechnya).

2017 ActInCourts Workshop Report

2017 ActInCourts Workshop Schedule and Paper Abstracts