Heidi Nichols Haddad

Heidi Nichols Haddad is an Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations at Pomona College in Claremont, California. Her research sits at the intersection of the fields of international relations and international law. She studies the global governance of human rights through examining interactions between states, non-state and sub-national actors, and intergovernmental organizations and their effects on norms, law, and judicial mechanisms. Her book, The Hidden Hands of Justice: NGOs, Human Rights, and International Courts (Cambridge University Press, 2018), is the first comprehensive analysis of non-governmental organization (NGO) participation at international criminal and human rights courts. Her research has also explored the dynamics of NGO mission expansion, the role of advocacy groups in pressuring for sexual violence prosecutions at international criminal tribunals, and how and why NGOs act as institution builders to international human rights courts. Her research and op-eds have been published in Human Rights Review, Journal of Human Rights, Global Governance, and The Washington Post.

Research Areas: International Courts, Human Rights, International Law, Non-Governmental Organizations

Select Publications:

The Hidden Hands of Justice: NGOs, Human Rights, and International CourtsCambridge University Press, 2018.

After the Norm Cascade: NGO Mission Expansion and the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC). Global Governance (2013) 19:2, 187-206.

Judicial Institution Builders: NGOs and International Human Rights Courts. Journal of Human Rights (2012) 11:1, 126-149.