Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom

Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom is a Professor of Political Science at the University of British Columbia. Her regional area of expertise is Russia and the former Soviet Union. Her major research interests include democratization, human rights, women’s rights, the politics of international democracy assistance, and NGO activism in both domestic and transnational politics, including NGOs’ strategic litigation in international courts.  Her most recent book is Courting Gender Justice: Russia, Turkey, and The European Court of Human Rights (Oxford University Press, 2019), a collaboration with Valerie Sperling and Melike Sayoglu of Clark University. She is currently working on a book with Laura Henry of Bowdoin College, which explores how NGOs from the BRICS countries are engaging with new, multistakeholder global governance initiatives on climate, forest certification, corporate social responsibility, and HIV/AIDS. She has published in scholarly journals including International OrganizationGlobal Environmental PoliticsCommunist and Post-Communist StudiesEurope-Asia Studies, Problems of Post-Communism, and Human Rights Quarterly. Her book publications include Funding Civil Society: Foreign Assistance and NGO Development in Russia (Stanford University Press, 2006), Russian Civil Society: A Critical Assessment (ME Sharpe, 2005, co-edited with Alfred B. Evans, Jr. and Laura A. Henry), and Global Commons, Domestic Decisions: The Comparative Politics of Climate Change (MIT Press, 2010, co-edited with Kathryn Harrison).

Research Areas: International Organizations, International Relations, Non-State Actors in International Relations, Gender in Politics, Repression, Funding and other External Influences on Mobilization

Select Publications

Courting Gender Justice: Russia, Turkey, and the European Court of Human Rights (with V. Sperling & M. Sayoglu). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019.

Russian NGOs and the European Court of Human Rights: A Spectrum of Approaches to Litigation. Human Rights Quarterly (2014) 36:4, 844–68.

Advocacy Beyond Litigation: Examining Russian NGO Efforts on Implementation of European Court of Human Rights Judgments. Communist and Post-Communist Studies (2012) 45, 1-18.